We are so excited to share our Ethiopian adoption adventure, and our CRAZY lives with all of you! Our hope is that it will encourage you to step out in faith to do what God has called you to do! There are FIELDS of fatherless children waiting for someone to care for them, to love them, to tell them of JESUS' love for them...will YOU be the one??

Monday, December 7, 2009

When it rains....

.....it POURS! Okay, here we are trying to raise, find, steal(just kidding!) the money necessary to travel when our refrigerator totally DIES last night! AND, my husband may need a root canal asap! So, please pray for us if you think about it today. Praise God, we got him in to see the dentist today(which is a miracle), so we're hoping she can take care of it without breaking the bank for us:).

We are in a constant battle with the enemy aren't we? We try to do good, he tries to keep us from doing it... Thank the Lord He is fighting for us today, because we need it!

Did I mention that at this moment my two-year old is covered on the lower half of his body in Carmex lip balm and red marker(NOT the washable kind)! Blog more later...


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  1. I am not laughing, really.... :) I will be praying! This kinds of "attack" drives me crazy! ARGH!!!!!