We are so excited to share our Ethiopian adoption adventure, and our CRAZY lives with all of you! Our hope is that it will encourage you to step out in faith to do what God has called you to do! There are FIELDS of fatherless children waiting for someone to care for them, to love them, to tell them of JESUS' love for them...will YOU be the one??

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Shopping with Purpose this Holiday Season!!

We wanted to point out some of our gifts this year that are BRAND NEW to our Gifts of Purpose Catalog...
PADPT1Provide Post-Adoption Resources
Raising children from hard places isn't easy. Because Lifesong believes in supporting adoptive families in all stages, post-adoption training scholarships are available to equip adoptive & foster parents with the tools to help heal hurting children. $200 | $450

MENTORFund a Foster Care Mentorship Training
Many children & vulnerable adults affected by the foster care system want to know that they matter. The Forgotten Initiative Mentoring provides the opportunity for the Body of Christ to show children that they are loved & valued. $500

vohSponsor a Family at Village of Hope-Guatemala
Children were made to be in families. By providing Guatemalan house parents, vulnerable children can feel belonging & that there is someone investing in their life & future. Our children are provided food, home & a mother and father figure to pray with them, help them with their homework & mentor them as they grow. $42 | $500

ZAMEDU1Give Opportunity to Zambia's High School Students
Known as one of the best in the city, the Lifesong Zambia School strives for academic achievement. With the recently built high school, our students now have the unique opportunity to join the 5% of kids in their country that receive a high school education, giving them hope of a future free from the cycle of poverty. $48 | $782

GOP 300,000 matching gift-01Join Lifesong for Orphans in giving a Gift of Purpose. Until December 31st, a generous donor will MATCH each donation with a gift to Lifesong, up to $300,000. $75,857 remaining to reach the goal! Give a Gift. Bring Joy & Purpose to a Child in Need.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Blogging For Orphans-Lifesong's Gifts of Purpose 2013

Gifts of Purpose Catalog

The Christmas season is just around the corner! As you make and exchange Christmas lists, we invite you to rethink Christmas.

To give a gift that doesn't fit under the Christmas tree.

To give a gift that gives joy & purpose to a vulnerable child.

With Lifesong's 2013 Gifts of Purpose Catalog, you can do just that! The catalog is full of a variety of creative gifts that can match any calling or price range. Gifts that impact ONE child. A child like... 

GOP - Andrei
Andrei, an orphan graduate who is developing agriculture and business skills through Lifesong Farms-Ukraine (Give Employment) or
GOP - Isaac 
Isaac, who was brought home from Uganda into a permanent, loving family (Give Forever Families).

GOP 300,000 matching gift-01This year, join Lifesong for Orphans in giving a Gift of Purpose. Until December 31st, your gift will be MATCHED up to $300,000! A gift that will show Jesus, the reason of the season, to a child in need.

To give a Gift of Purpose, please visit www.lifesongfororphans.org/gifts.
Gift in Honor Card for email

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blog Share!

Hi All, I'm linking you up today with Kari Gibson's blog, because she has a GREAT project to share with you, and they need our support! Hint:  It has something to do with my favorite country on the PLANET;)!

If you would commit to praying for and even helping SHARE this project, that would be fantastic:)!



Sunday, September 29, 2013


I have to share this crossover post from my Isagenix blog because the info is SO important for those with kiddos from hard places, who may deal with one or more learning issues!  This is eye-opening and so HOPEFUL!  Please read and if you want to email me for more info, I can share what I know from other Isagenix families that are using the products with their kiddos!!  They are more than willing to share their testimonies to how WONDERFULLY this stuff is working for their kids!! 

Day 51! HOPE for the Whole Family!

CANNOT believe it's been 51 DAYS since I started Isagenix! WOW!

Today I'm doing a deep cleanse day because I had to miss last weeks due to a tooth infection, and was on antibiotics:(.  You don't want to do a deep cleanse when you have to take meds, because more than likely, the Cleanse for Life will just cleanse away the meds! Bummer.  So, I didn't lose any weight last week either. Sigh.  Hoping for better result this week.

I really think the CFL is absolutely the best part of this program...it does SUCH a good job(for me) of helping me drop the weight quicker!  Although, I HATE HATE HATE not being able to eat shakes/meals these days...but I have to remind myself it's always been worth it!:)

I'm going back to 1 shake per day again in a week or so, and I'm extremely nervous about it.  I still want to lose about 5-10 lbs, so I have to come to grips with the fact that these last few may come off more slowly...and that's okay.  Don't want to lose any momentum, you know?!;)

But what all this has done has seriously made me look at what goes in my mouth and on my table.  I'm beginning to cook more(rather than throw something in the microwave), and I'm slowly weaning my kids off of the processed foods they're so used to.  This may take awhile folks;)...  I'm shopping more carefully and consciously for products that have less sodium, no added sugars, and are organic(if possible)...it's EYE-OPENING to say the least.  I guess I was just in denial for SO long!! So, this is all good.  I'm SO excited to see my results a YEAR from now....or even 6 MONTHS down the road.  I know that I can look forward to a MUCH healthier and more energetic future now that I'm using Isagenix products...and that makes me happy:).

One thing that keeps floating around the Adoptagenix team FB page is how wonderfully these products are ALSO working for their kids!  Parents who have kids from hard places, via international adoption, who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, etc. finally have HOPE.  The products are helping regulate their kids emotions and behaviours....helping them stay on task and open up like never before!  SUCH exciting news!  I told you from the beginning that these products were for the whole family, and they ARE!  Our kids are just as toxic as we are...if not more so in many cases, due to coming from developing countries, or orphanages with very poor nutrition and care.  They're just making tremendous improvements and many times I've been brought to tears over it!

What I want you to know is that these products WORK!  This just isn't about bonuses, and income, and signing up as many people as you can so you can earn the big bucks! This group is about giving the gift of good health to all those we know who NEED it so desperately!  Yes, it can be expensive to start....but the rewards are ENDLESS for YOUR health and your family's!  It's so worth it ya'll!  SO SO worth the investment!  Every time I hear another story about someone's child who has ADD, or whatever, I immediately think of people who need to HEAR this...they need to HEAR that this isn't another ploy to get you to sign over your life savings to an MLM company!  These are real families, experiencing REAL results! The end.  So, I HAVE to share this...I can't just sit and "hope" you'll ask me about it...  I'm just going to keep telling you, over and over and over...and pray that I can get this stuff into the hands of the people who need it most.

So, today I'll leave you with these videos by Dr. John Gray.  He has some wonderful advice for kids/adults with ADD/ADHD...which we struggle with in our home.  We'll be using a couple of his recommended products for our son, plus the Isagenix shakes for super nutrition... GOOD GOOD STUFF!

There are 3 videos in this series, and they are listed below the first one...WATCH ALL THREE!  And as always, if you have questions, PLEASE contact me..I want to share Isagenix with everyone I know, and I want you to do the same.  LIVES will be changed!

Happy Thursday!:)


Monday, September 9, 2013

Have You Seen It?

Hi All!  If you haven't hopped over to my new health and wellness blog at http://changingmechangingyou.blogspot.com/ then PLEASE do.:)

I began Isagenix's fat-burning and cleansing system a little over a month ago, and have had WONDERFUL results with it!  It is PACKED with EXCEPTIONAL nutrition and is Non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, ALL NATURAL products.  I am amazed at how quickly it worked and how GOOD I'm feeling! 

That said, you can hop over and check the whole thing out for yourself...all 30+ days on the program! 

And if you are at a point that you KNOW you need to make some changes in your health, please feel free to contact me!  I'll give you more of the "scoop" about Isagenix.  AND....it's not just for weight-loss, it's for OPTIMIZING your health, and has tremendous benefit for  those adopted kiddos who have such poor nutritional statuses when they come home.  JUST amazing really!

As a mom of seven kids, I knew I needed to do SOMETHING to regain my health and energy, as well as hopefully, earn income for our family!  And I KNOW without a doubt now, that I'm going to do both!  I praise God every day that I found Isagenix!:)

AND....I'm on an amazing team called Adoptagenix, that is COMMITTED to using our commissions that we might make to not only get our families in order financially, but to CARE FOR ORPHANS through adopting, supporting orphanages, supporting missionaries, and getting Isagenix products into the hands of orphans worldwide!  LOVE this!!  We are the FASTEST growing group right now, I believe, in the Isagenix business....and we are making everyone's heads turn!  SO EXCITED to see God work through this group, and I HOPE you'll join us!  You'll not only get your health back to where it needs to be, but you'll be a part of something that God is blessing, BIG TIME!  WIN! WIN!;)

Check me out!:) http://changingmechangingyou.blogspot.com/ 



Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ava Update!

Okay, people keep asking so here it is;)!  FINALLY an update on Ava.  But bear with me because I've been such a bad blogger that I don't remember what I've shared and what I haven't, so I may repeat some things:)!

Last school year, we attempted to send Ava to Kindergarten...she had to be on the bus at 6:30 am, school started at 7:30...red flag number one.

She had a wonderful teacher who POURED into her, and she worked with a speech therapist(who I think was 12;)), but she didn't qualify for occupational therapy, and they refused to do an IEP for her.  I spoke with the school psychologist at the first PT conference. and even after I explained that she was FAILING in every area in progress reports...he blew me off.:( 

All of her initial language assessments put her at about 3.5 year old level, and she failed the auditory listening test.....hm.  AND she was still held to the same grading "scale" and expectations as the other children...meaning she would basically fail...

She was so exhausted I would have to make her take a nap after school, then put her to bed at 7:30...then she began having accidents in the middle of the night...sigh.  She was in trouble daily for talking and not listening.  She couldn't remember how to find her room at school when she went to the bathroom(supposedly....knowing Ava, she was probably trying to find someone to chat with,LOL!:))  She cried all the time at school to get the teacher's attention(which didn't work..), she wanted to be carried everywhere by the teacher(that didn't work either;)...), she PRETENDED not to know how to do things to get attention...

So...in December we took her out and I homeschooled her the rest of the year.  I went back to the basics and used All About Reading to teach letters and three-letter words(VERY few at a time).  I used Abeka's K Math with her, but she only made it halfway through the book before it just became too much...and we just had to review and practice what she already knew the rest of the year. 

She's 6 years old now and has been home 3 years, and I KNOW she has an auditory problem...following simple 3 step directions are almost impossible for her.  She also can't put her thoughts into words well....so she'll start to say something and when she can't come up with a way to say it...she changes what she was going to say originally...making up  something, etc....

I'm beyond exhausted trying to help her.  I've contacted our local center for disabilities, and they just referred me to Nationwide Children's Hosptial in Columbus, OH, so I'm checking into that...sigh

I wrestle DAILY with whether or not I should continue to homeschool or try another local public school, so she can REPEAT Kindergarten there and hopefully get better support than the last school, plus(MUCH smaller school...my son is going to high school there...), they only do half-day Kindergarten...so I know she could handle that...she just needs help.  I feel like I've gone as far with her as I can without some outside help to meet those challenges she has...whatever they are...could someone PLEASE tell me what they are!!!  If you have any advice that would be appreciated.:)

OTHERWISE, she HAS put on weight finally...I started giving her half-n-half in her whole milk each day, feeding her whole fat yogurt, and lots of sour cream...she finally put on 4 pounds in about 3 months! YAY!

She's a super-sweet little girl who loves playing with her brothers and sisters, but even they become frustrated because she can't seem to carry on a conversation that makes sense, and she acts like a 3-4 year old most of the time...

It's just been a REALLY long 3 years trying to figure Ava out...and we still haven't...  Please continue to pray for us as we seek out some help...somewhere...anywhere to help us advocate for and educate Ava and help her to grow to her greatest potential.......sigh

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lifesong! Blogging for Orphans!

13-8 MM Email

Thankfulness. We honored to stand beside so many of you in your faithful service to God and His call to love and care for the orphan. Join us in praising God for the work that He continues to do through the Church!

Listen in on HIS provision in Honduras and the opportunity to join the work through sponsorship...

Centro Vida Construction Complete // HONDURAS

Please enjoy this video featuring Honduras' brand new multi-purpose building, Centro Vida, which includes assembly space as well as a large kitchen. This building is just part of the incredible work going on in Honduras to equip over 575 vulnerable children & young adults with not only the Gospel, but hope for a future!
It's exciting to see Centro Vida's completion on Plan Escalon's 25th anniversary of serving orphans and vulnerable children.

Want to see more updates at Plan Escalon? Check out the kitchen renovation video thanks to the amazing help from our partners at Retail Orphan Initiative.


When choosing a sponsor child, Vicki noticed that Lesly was an older student, but in a younger grade. Vicki intentionally chose to sponsor Lesly, understanding that something had happened in her life to cause her to fall behind. She wanted Lesly to know she cared and believed in her.
Listen in as Vicki, member of Retail Orphan Initiative, meets the students she sponsors at Plan Escalon and the impact that it is making not only in her heart, but in the heart of her sponsored children...

Read more about Child Sponsorship...

What Child Sponsorship is All About -- Beautiful story of a sponsor child moved to tears and prayer when he heard that his sponsor was in a car accident. Read more

Be a Light Through Sponsorship -- Read a post from Lifesong's summer blog series featuring Sponsorship. Read more

Dear _____, I love you. -- JB, student at Lifesong Liberia, wrote to a sponsor he did not yet have. Fill in the blank for JB! Read more

"I will not stop serving the Lord" -- Watch the testimony of the life of Haggai, student of Lifesong Zambia. Watch Video

Breaking the Cycle in Ukraine -- Natasha's life and future was changed by the mentorship she found through Lifesong Ukraine. Watch Video to hear her story.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Blog Number 2

Hey Everyone,

Come check out my new blog!  This one tracks my 30 day journey with the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat-Burning System, and being a member of the Adoptagenix Team!!  Soooo, if you're a tired Momma who wants to FEEL better, think more clearly, and be healthier than ever before, check it out!:)  Oh, and you might lose some weight along the way;)!  And WHO wouldn't LOVE that!?

Here's the link:


And I'm already on Day 6, so you might want to read the past few days to catch up!  See ya there!:)

Friday, August 2, 2013


I know, I know!!!!! I've been M.I.A. for a while now...but life gets busy, seven kiddos need attention...and well...I'm tired;)! But just to update you. Naomi is doing FABULOUSLY well! She's topping the scale at 32lbs!! Holy MOLY!! Guess I should back off the whole milk, huh?;) She is trying to say so many words, is running rampant, and is an absolute JOY!! I get blamed for her stubborn streak...what's that about?!!! She sleeps through the night, takes great naps, and loves Shrek! Heaven help us, we go through ALL FOUR videos daily...or all we hear is "Rek", "Konkey", "Pua"(Puss...in case you didn't catch that one;)). We celebrated her birthday in June with Ava's(although it was in April...although that's incorrect, it's probably more like February...who knows!) and fun was had by all!:)

I cannot express the love I have for this child...it's IMMENSE! I MOURN the fact that I didn't get to carry her in my tummy....and then I mourn for the mommy who did:(...I wonder where she is, and wish she could see what a beautiful daughter she has. I mourn the fact that MORE babies in Adama, Ethiopia will be abandoned today and more mommies will grieve.... I want to do more..... I want to adopt more.... I want to GIVE BACK more... Laying it all at the Lord's feet and asking for guidance, because this journey surely isn't finished:)! I'm looking into partnering/advocating through Lifesong for Orphans...and looking into some other options a well... Wish I could just MOVE there!LOL! No...seriously...I want to move there. But then I would have to fly 9 people there and that would take a bazillion dollars....God has a bazillion dollars, right?;)

Anywho......Summer is almost over here and I'm ramping up for another busy school year! Kinda bummed actually... Summer is ending too soon and we really didn't DO much.. A couple of kids had church camp, which they LOVED...a few had day camp... We went to the zoo once... The park beach once... Now we wait for the county fair....HUGE in our town! Okay...maybe THEY did stuff;)! This year, our oldest is entering high school at a small local public school, that we've heard GREAT things about...how can I have a high schooler???? I'm only 25 for heaven's sake...that's my story and I'm sticking to it;)! He's nervously excited...and so am I. Also, I'm "working" from home this year a little as well. Doing some web testing, etc...whatever I can get my hands on, because we are on a journey to become financially FREE! TOTALLY FREE!! And well, that takes money!! I'm also beginning a new business/weightloss/health journey with Isagenix, which I'm VERY excited about!!! So, I'll let you know how that goes...:) On to the pics!! Happy August everyone!:)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Blogging For Orphans! Is it REALLY JUNE!!!?!?!?

13-6 MM Email

"God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure." Ephesians 1:5 (NLT)

Adoption. One of the most beautiful pieces of the Gospel. An all-powerful and loving Father God chose us, in our sinfulness, to be His sons and daughters. Does it get any better than that? The fact that we, as Christians, can replicate this relationship in our own families to tell the Gospel through our lives is an complete honor and joy.

"WE SAID YES TO ADOPTION" // Andy & Laura's Story

Andy and Laura, adoptive parents of Eli from Ethiopia shared how God provided every step of the way, crushing fears and showing that HE is faithful to finish what He starts.

Part of God's provision came from Lifesong and its partner, Legacy 685 Adoption Fund, helping this family financially with a matching grant and funding support.


Meet Volodya and Lyliya, one of the many Ukrainian families blessed by Adoption without Borders, an initiative that intentionally links like-minded families and churches in the USA with Christian families in Ukraine who are seeking to adopt.  

awob pictures MM

"(Adoption is) the deepest evangelism we can provide, to dedicate our lives to bringing children to the Lord. Our biggest dream is that all of our children would commit their lives to God." --Volodya & Lyliya, adoptive parents of five Ukrainian children 


Because of your support, the families above have been able to give a forever family to a child in need. Are you looking for ways to join the cause? What you could do:


How Could We Not? -  Erik & Erin's adoption story is unique, but beautiful as they stepped in to help a family member in need by providing Austin with a stable and secure family. Read Full Story

Worth the Wait - Guest blog post from Jeff & Rachel,  adoptive parents of Kate from Ethiopia. Read Full Story

God Creates Family from Strangers - Sharon, adoptive mom, shares her heart of on an ordinary day four months after bringing Asrate into their forever family.  Read Full Story

US Churches impacting Ukrainian families! - Three US churches wrap around a Ukrainian family to ensure home repairs where finished soadoption could be complete. Read Full Story

"I know you guys!" - Read as Robert & Alexis share about meeting their son Jacob for the very first time. Read Full Story

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blogging for Orphans!!! Is it really May?;)

13-5 MM Email
The commitment to provide a quality education to every child we serve is just one of our four pledges we make to "our" kids. We believe that education is a foundation for the future and is the start to change nations and peoples from the inside out as they fight against cycles of poverty and unemployment.


Mesaye's story of hope in the midst of tragedy is just one of many. Thankfully, she is receiving an education and hope for the future because of her sponsor. But the impact goes even beyond Mesaye! Her grandmother, who has no means of providing for her schooling, is now able to witness Mesaye's growth and trust in her future legacy.

Sponsors support a child like Mesaye with quality education, 2 meals a day and exposure to the Gospel of Jesus Christ for only $19/month! When you sponsor a child, you impact a family!

To sponsor a child, click here.

(100% of sponsorship received goes directly to the need -- helping children! No administrative fees deducted.)


While providing vulnerable children with an education, we also have the opportunity to share with them the good news of the Gospel of Christ. Watch Teja, student at Lifesong India, explain the impact of not only education, but also spiritual discipleship he received.

Learn more about Lifesong India>>

Rising to the Top with Technology - Lifesong Honduras tells of the dramatic impact technology has had in our school. Read full story

"Poor" Kids Come Out on Top - Students at Lifesong Zambia excel on their mock exams! Read full story

Adding Fun into School Days - Students at Lifesong Liberia enjoy new playground & school uniforms. Read full story

Gift of Education - Moses, student at Lifesong Zambia Schools, shares why he values and appreciates the education he is receiving. Watch Video

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blogging For Orphans!!

It's that time again!  Time to see just what Jesus is up to in the lives of PRECIOUS children around the world!!  So, sit back and REVEL in our AWESOME God!:)

"And the King will say, 'I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!'" Matthew 25:40

One Child. One Life. One Soul.

An ongoing theme of our ministry is the power of ONE. Not to ignore the often overwhelming 147 million orphan statistic, but to focus on making an impact on ONE child. As Andy Stanley says, "Do for ONE what you wish you could do for every one. And when do you for ONE, you often end up doing for far more than just one." 

Please enjoy these ONE child stories...


In Zambia, like many parts of the world, witchcraft is very prevelant. At Lifesong School in Zambia, we teach the children that God is more powerful than witchcraft and the witchdoctors that practice it. They can have power through Jesus Christ to fight off evil, through HIS NAME! Listen in as Paul shares the experience that he and his friends had with a local witchdoctor...

Pray that God will continue to show himself to Paul and use this experience to build his trust and faith in our Father God.
Learn more about Lifesong Zambia >>


Thomas grew up on the streets without any parents to care, protect or provide for him. A missionary brought Thomas to Lifesong's Master's Home of Champions, knowing he would be cared for. Listen in as Thomas shares his heart for the people of Liberia and the role he sees for himself to bring Christ's name known!

Pray that Thomas will continue to grow in His relationship with Jesus Christ and with boldness, share the gospel to others. Learn more about Lifesong Liberia >>

Read more ONE child stories...

Katie Rescued from Orphanage -- Katie, born with down syndrome, was 9 years old and weighed only 10 pounds when Joe & Susanna traveled to adopt her. Read Full Story

Natasha Breaks the Cycle -- "I was looking for someone to understand me, to love sincerely...I received all this!" Read Full Story

"I am your mommy!" -- Beautiful account from one of our Lifesong Adoptive families, sharing their first moment they met their son Cohen from Congo. Read full story