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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Adoption Update

And the roller coaster continues....

Last Wednesday we found out that the police officer would agree to speak with the Embassy this Monday(yesterday), after she had a chance to review the case...and last Th/Fri were holy days in Ethiopia, so she wasn't working those days.

So we waited..........

Now it's Tuesday....and we still don't know if that phone call ever took place yesterday.:(

We DID, however, discover that there was a "finder" listed in our paperwork(who found Naomi abandoned), and usually when there is a finder listed, cases clear without being sent on to USCIS in Nairobi.  Especially since the officer SEEMS to be willing to talk with the embassy as well.....but it's been two weeks since she was initially contacted by the embassy, and apparently they tried 3 times to make contact.  Even if they conducted the interview yesterday, they could still wait WEEKS/MONTHS to clear us.  RIDICULOUS!

I'm beginning to stress more and more...  The US Embassy has a TERRIBLE reputation for dragging things out, for no good reason, and generally being a pain to deal with. 

So, what do we do?  We keep emailing them, and asking for updates:)!  I won't sit by while they drag things out(like waiting and waiting and waiting for a phone call), when they could just send it on to Nairobi.

I emailed today specifically about the interview, and whether or not it took place yesterday....they HAVE been good about returning emails, so we should know about that tomorrow.

 Sorry, if this doesn't make much sense....  Needless to say, I will be up in the middle of the night tonight to catch their email, and respond if necessary(by personal email to the consulate officer:)).  

PLEASE PRAY for clearance for our sweet girl!!  She IS already our daughter by law, and this Momma bear is getting frantic about her release!

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