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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hiccup or HUGE SETBACK??????

So, here's the deal.. Our I800 was approved and wired to the embassy in Bulgaria. Our lawyer with VESTA went to the provisional VISA interview yesterday at the US embassy and was told that because our HS and I800A approval was for a child who was healthy or had minor/correctable needs, he didn't want to approve it...He wasn't sure we knew it was permanent...He wanted a new(or amended)HS and I800A that requested a child with serious needs..specific to our child's medical condition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS HE CRAZY?????????????????? Never mind that I'm almost positive we signed a paper that stated we knew her need and accepted it...NEVER MIND that USCIS APPROVED it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOOOO, after many hours of arguing with this guy, they came to a "deal" of sorts...we have to submit a notarized letter, written by us, saying we are aware of her medical need and that it is NON-correctable...permanent...etc....

SOOOO, we got the letter written, notarized and scanned/emailed to the guy at the embassy today(why does this stuff always happen on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!)...AND we'll be FedExing the orginal(for a "small" fee:)) to Bulgaria.

Our lawyer says when he gets the emailed letter he will give the consent to continue with the adoption...

SOOOO, our prayer is that he will be having a better day on Monday and accept our letter and let us continue with adopting Ava...it seems so much is dependent on their mood(did I mention this was the US EMBASSY!!!!!!!!!!).

THANK YOU JESUS for angels at VESTA!!! They really fought for our family yesterday!


  1. So sorry to hear about the set back. I know it's frustrating and emotional. Believe me, I know. Eventually Ava will be home with you and before long it will seem as if she's always been with your family. Hang on, it will happen.

  2. I am voting that it is a hiccup! I have faith that Monday you are going to get the news that the "fine" people at the US Embassy signed off and you can move to the next step!! Praying for you and Ava! Please keep us posted:)

  3. Are you kidding me?!!! With all these people "helping" us....!!!! It's a good thing we can take comfort in knowing Who is truly in control. Otherwise, I would have lost it long ago! I'm voting for a hiccup as well :)

  4. I too am sure that you will get good news on Monday. The US embassy in Bulgaria does tend to make things more difficult, but they do eventually do the right thing and release the paper work. They are super paranoid about following the Hague guidelines. I'm impressed that USCIS approved your I-800 if your home study was never ammended. But, you are right... they did AND you signed and notarized a letter saying that you are aware of the needs of your child and that should be enough for the folks at the Embassy!

  5. Renae,

    Sorry for the hiccup... I am sure it is just that. Vesta fights hard and I am sure everything will work out for you, your family and little Ava!!

    Thoughts and Prayers,


  6. News? News? Any news? None for me yet, though USCIS should have everything they want/need! Praying we both get good news soon!

  7. Heard anything yet Renae? Thinking of you my friend.