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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Around and Around We Go

So..USCIS said to contact the State Department. Which I did..I talked to someone in charge of adoptions from Bulgaria and she is confused too. She said this usually does not happen in Hague cases...she's "heard" of it happening in others. She will contact the US Embassy in Bulgaria and ask what their reasoning is. She says maybe they messed up somewhere(which we know they didn't) or it has something to do with the age of our children, or her special need(Perfectly healthy-blind in one eye)..yeah, why didn't they state that as the cause for this?

The US Embassy apparently may have their own "policy" concerning age of the child..USCIS and Bulgarian law say that the child must be under(at) your approved(in your I800A) age..for example Ava was 28 months AT referral, which satisfies USCIS and Bulgarian requirements, but the embassy may have different rules..maybe they say she has to be under 2 1/2 when the adoption is COMPLETE...THIS IS TOTALLY INSANE!! How do they get to have different rules???

Contacted our Congressmen today as well...pray he can help... If this guy at the embassy gets to change the rules(wish I had known his were different), we'll be out $1000 on paperwork(have to have an updated HS and Supplement 3 form AND fingerprints) and about 3 weeks of time to get those done...or more..who knows? Which would mean no travel on July 3rd.

Did I mention that when you get your I800 approval and it is forwarded to the embassy in Bulgaria, then the official there approves it with an "Article 5" letter, which basically gives PERMISSION to obtain the visa..you know, the thing he won't let us have now..apparently he's changed his mind. Shouldn't that be against the law? He issued the Article 5 letter..we've been to court..she's OURS..PERIOD! We followed every law and were approved for this child.

I'm screaming inside today....praying with everything I have that this will not be allowed..PLEASE pray with me!


  1. Oh Renae, I am so sorry for all of this. It is crazy! So glad that you contacted your Congressman. What state are you in?
    My heart is breaking for you and Ava!
    I will continue to pray and have your family in my thoughts.

  2. I really don't understand government officials. I had my share of up and downs before we were registered with the uk and moj. praying for you.

  3. I am screaming inside for you......... This is absolutely unacceptable. We open our hearts and our homes to these children and they just "look" for reasons to make the "already difficult process" more trying!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Prayers that some important people can get this straightened out quickly!!!!!!!!!!! ((((hugs))))