We are so excited to share our Ethiopian adoption adventure, and our CRAZY lives with all of you! Our hope is that it will encourage you to step out in faith to do what God has called you to do! There are FIELDS of fatherless children waiting for someone to care for them, to love them, to tell them of JESUS' love for them...will YOU be the one??

Friday, June 4, 2010

Travel Dates!

WOOO-HOOO! We have "tentative" travel dates of July 3-10th!! That's only 4 weeks away!!

NOW reality sets in...we have 4 weeks to come up with the rest of the money needed for travel, etc...GO GOD!! Can't wait to see Him provide!

Another reality...my kitchen is almost done, but it's taking FOREVER!! Yeah, I won't be painting for another ten years that's for sure! Then to my hall...OH MY WORD..there's 35 year old plaster under there!!!!! So, when I should be planning my trip, picking out toddler clothes, and basking in the glow of new "motherhood" again...I'm up to my eyeballs in paint and wallpaper and plaster....

We have decided to stay at the Princess Hotel in Sofia instead of the apt. this time. It has a pool! Plus, I felt a little isolated in the apt.. We should be able to walk to some popular attractions this time, so I'll be letting you know what happens with all that..remember I'm a terrible traveler..I may be zonked out in the room all week!:)

What else....Oh yeah, my new idea for exhaustion is to also take flights that only have 1 stop...the 4-6 hour layovers, and changing planes twice was horrible!

All for now..PLEASE pray for our family as we plan the finances, etc....we don't want this to be a stressful time, and we're just resting in God's provision.

Pray for Ava as well, that she will be calm and "ready" for her new Mommy and Daddy to bring her home.

*EDIT: Will NOT be staying at the Princess..just found out it's owned by the Italian Mafia!!


  1. Stay at the Budapest! It's 2 blocks from the Princess. Everyone speaks English, there is a place to eat there (or room service for no extra charge) and it's VERY affordable (just as cheap as an apt because we checked into both options). There is a money exchange and a market right beside it too...and you can walk to everything in Sofia from there.

  2. Congratulations!! This is wonderful..
    I am so happy for your family! Not much longer now. Great idea about the pool.