We are so excited to share our Ethiopian adoption adventure, and our CRAZY lives with all of you! Our hope is that it will encourage you to step out in faith to do what God has called you to do! There are FIELDS of fatherless children waiting for someone to care for them, to love them, to tell them of JESUS' love for them...will YOU be the one??

Monday, December 6, 2010

Where Lord??

As I said earlier, we have been doing a lot of research into African-American infant adoption. There is a NEED..who would have thought that in our own country there would be a need for families to adopt these beautiful brown skinned babies!! Not many are standing in line for them...as they are Caucasian... There is a NEED...no, they're not starving...but they are being aborted or thrown in the trash at times!!(as are Caucasian babies) SIIIIGGHHH!

Ethiopia: WOW! Ethiopia has always been on my heart...HUGE NEED!!!

Question: WHERE DO WE GO LORD!!!???? After seeing Depraved Indifference(check out my last post), my heart is absolutely torn apart for those little ones in Africa....and did anyone see Dateline with George Clooney in the Sudan?? Not about orphans, but still!!! They really have no hope at all. Yes, more and more families are adopting, but NOT NEARLY ENOUGH!..NOT MILLIONS to match the need!!!!

I've always been a "go where there is the greatest need" kind of girl....but boy am I struggling with this one...

Hubby wanted to stay in the US, so I began looking into foster-care adoption(this turned out to not be an option in our area), then AA domestic(found two great agencies via a bloggy friend)...then he said wherever...he's NO HELP AT ALL;)!

Honestly, traveling that far sounds scary to me...did I mention I HATE flying? Did I mention the scopolomine patch made my heart skip beats(for air sickness)?...did I mention that same patch didn't work the first 4 hours on the way home(so I was sick and dizzy)? More than that, I HATE leaving my kids behind with other people...I get soooooooo scared something will happen to one of them while I'm gone....I could not relax for one second in Bulgaria for worrying about them... I know, I know, "Where's your faith, Renae"? Did I mention that because of the elevation in Ethiopia, I would also have altitude sickness for two days while there????

Did I mention I can come up with LOTS of excuses for NOT going to Africa???!!!

So, where LORD?? Here....? There....?

How do I justify staying in the US?? How do I say "NO"? Does it matter "where"..?

I used to get so frustrated with adoptive parents who couldn't decide on a country...I used to think, "Gee-Whiz, just pick ONE...it doesn't matter WHERE..an orphan is an orphan!!"

Maybe I just need to take my own advice.....:)!

Would you pray for us as we make a decision this week? Would you pray for closed/open doors? Would you pray that I would not feel GUILTY no matter what we choose!:)

I'm just so thankful that we have seen the Lord's faithfulness in pulling together Ava's adoption...we KNOW that HE can do it again!!:)


  1. I will be praying for you. Amazing that you are considering adoption again so soon. That video totally undid me for sure, and so very true.

  2. This is such a hard decision! Keep praying on it and it will become clear.

  3. You know I'm pulling for Ethiopia :-) I also did some research into a domestic adoption of an AA infant, but just couldn't pull myself away from Ethiopia. Also, it's not necessary for both parents to travel. One of you can go on both trips as long as the traveling parent has power of attorney. Also less expensive that way. Just a thought :-)

  4. Renae, if you are looking at infant AA adoption I have been told that the Keene Center in Michigan is a GREAT place to adopt thru and has affordable fees... might be an option. You wouldn't have to fly here... Keene Center is in Dearborn.

  5. Hi! Renae, we are still praying for you. In my humble opinion though.........the children in other countries have the greatest need. I don't see African American (my kids like to be called Black Americans :o) not getting adopted here. There are many families now willing to adopt them. I have many friends with AA children! And if they are not adopted for some reason they have wonderful foster care here in the US, until they either can be adopted by foster parents or loved by them forever.(we were foster parents) I guess what I'm saying is- there is no safety net or system to care for an Ethopian orphan. Children in foreign countries truly suffer. They have lost hope. Children in the US will never suffer to that extent. They still have hope! Even the poor in the US have more than the poor in a foreign country.
    My humble opinion. ;o)

  6. I've been reading for awhile here, but don't think I've ever commented. I'm currently in Serbia and will finalize the adoption of my son tomorrow! I don't think you should ask which country, I think you should ask WHICH CHILD??? Ask God to reveal YOUR child to you, and THAT is where you'll go.