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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Too Long.....

WOW! It's been way too long, and I've been a BAD, BAD blogger!

So, let's pick up with where I left off:). We had a wonderful party for Caleb and Ava's birthday..a cook-out actually..but the pics were terrible because the wind was blowing 25 miles per hour!!!! Oh well... Ava had fun, but it was more chaos than anything due to the wind...people having to chase their plates across the yard and all:\.

Gotcha Day was July 5th....honestly a little difficult to look back on with "fondness" because of the bonding issues we have, but we celebrated with peanut butter cookies! She hated them...:(. I need to lower my expectations about "special days" I think.

Then let's see...the 4th of July we went to the zoo and to see fireworks. She shook and was definitely a little freaked out by it all, but she didn't cry:).

Then the computer crashed for two weeks and I was without my "lifeline"...seriously sad when you communicate mostly through a computer!

I've also been working feverishly to get ready for homeschooling this year...LOTS of copying, printing, and laminating goin' on around here!;) I'm using the preschool curriculum from confessionsofahomeschooler.com for Ava and Caleb, and it is a LOT of work to get together, but looks fun, so I'm excited! Now if I can figure out a way to get Caleb to sit still for the hour it will take to get through it!;) GEESH!!

What else...oh yes! Our dossier made it to Ethiopia and we are NUMBER 22!! Our agency(West Sands) is saying 6 months till referral...SERIOUSLY??? See that little chip-in button on the left? Yeeeeaaahhh, that's gotta MOVE or we're in T.R.O.U.B.L.E!;)

We also completed our fingerprints for USCIS on August 1, so we're waiting to hear back about that as well.

Then my oldest daughter was in the hospital for a couple of days, with what we thought was meningitis!! GOOD TIMES!! NOT! She really didn't even feel bad after the first day, but they insisted she stay...SOOOOO, we missed our first Bulgarian adoptee reunion...totally bummed!

Then the computer POWER CORD went out...and so did the battery..siiiiigggghhh. Good thing the kids got a "free" computer to use with their online school this year...and that's where I am today.. I don't have access to our pics and stuff from the zoo, etc...but hopefully can get those up soon.

I would just ask for prayer as we continue to fill out grant applications and save money for the next set of fees at referral($9200). And for this next school year as I am homeschooling FIVE different grades(I must be totally LOONEY...or I WILL be at the end of this school year!!)

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  1. Hey!! I missed you!! (((HUG))) :o)
    Our daughter Molly (passed away last summer at 27) cried during every holiday and birthday celebration-for everybody. It was hard. But she just couldn't handle that kind of joy. It broke my heart.(she was adopted at 5 from Korea) So by the time she was 10 we made things very low key just for her. I hope and pray Ava can overcome some of this.