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Friday, August 26, 2011

While The Kids Are Away......

Phew! Everyone is at Grandma's and I have a...few...moments......to.......YYAAAAWWWWNNN!

Yeah, it's been that kind of week;).

We started homeschool this week and we are all POOPED!

I've been planning for months for our new year, and let me just say...this week was HARD!

Maybe because I decided to change everyone's curriculum AND add Caleb and Ava doing K-4 this year....hmmmmm...

AND, I've redone my classroom which has me SUPER excited, cause it's so CUTE!:) I like having a "real classroom"...I'm just nerdy that way:) Never mind that the other side of it is the play area and is always a MESS! I'll spare you those pics;).


Here's what we're doing:

N-Connections Academy(online), 7th grade

L-Connections Academy...no..wait...after four days of crying that didn't work out, so....now we're doing Bob Jones English/Math/Bible, Road Trip USA, Connections Social Studies/Spelling, and Young Scientist's Club, 4th grade(and I've stopped crying;))

E-Horizons Math, Abeka Language, Penmanship(Mom-made), Abeka Spelling, Road Trip USA, Young Scientist's club/Abeka Exploring God's World, BJU Bible, 2nd grade

S-Horizons Math, Abeka Language/Writing/Spelling/Health, Road Trip USA, Young Scientist's Club, BJU Bible, 1st grade

C&A-Letter of Week Curriculum(http://confessionsofahomeschooler.com), plus lots of hands on goodies:)! My goals for Ava are learning colors, shapes, and pre-writing...she may need outside help to catch her up at some point though...I would say she is at least a year behind right now.

Tired yet? ME TOOOOO!

Here's some pics for ya! Oh, and "note to self"....NEVER spend 6 HOURS at the fair the day before homeschooling starts...N.E.V.E.R!

Sorry the pics are mixed up....I'm just too stinkin' tired to redo them:).


  1. Way to go! You are more brave than me. I homeschooled Cathryn last year but with Calvin home she is going to a classical school with her sister. I am hoping to bring them both home next year for homeschooling. we used math u see, have you heard of it? I have a friend who uses horizon do you like it and recommend it? your classroom is very cute! I also used letter of the week with my girls for preschool. Loved it and it was free.

  2. OKay - next year when you go to buy your curriculum - SIMPLY YOUR LIFE GREATLY by getting all your kids on the same history/art/geography/literature program. Seriously. You are way too stretched between your kids. I write history curriculum for BiblioPlan and it is extremely family-friendly. All your kids would do history/art/geography/Bible (Ancient year) together and then they would read their literature on their reading level. They would do writings based on their history on their writing level. The only thing you would have left to do would be math, science, spelling and some grammar. It makes your life so much easier if they are all doing the same thing. Before I ever took ownership in teh company -we did it as a family and LOVED IT.

    www.biblioplan.net - I didn't write that purely as an advertisement - I seriously hate to see someone so completely stretched. Chances are you are going to burn out soon!! If you don't like BP - then find another 4 year history/literature program. It is the BEST way to study history.