We are so excited to share our Ethiopian adoption adventure, and our CRAZY lives with all of you! Our hope is that it will encourage you to step out in faith to do what God has called you to do! There are FIELDS of fatherless children waiting for someone to care for them, to love them, to tell them of JESUS' love for them...will YOU be the one??

Friday, August 7, 2009

Praise God!!

I can't believe it's already August!! Not much of a summer here in Ohio, but one month closer to meeting our little girl!! Great news on the job front..I know I complained a little in the last post, but the Lord has answered our prayers about me coming home again full-time. Ben got a part-time job, which actually pays more than mine..so, I can quit!! Yea!! I knew that August was going to be a big month for us, and so far it is turning out to be just that!!

Nothing else to report..getting ready for the new homeschool year and eagerly anticipating our county fair!! It's huge, and a lot of fun!!

Praise God for his mighty works!!



  1. thanks for the message. It is great to see other families adopting from Bulgaria and using Tol. How did you hear of TOL? I have been comtemlating getting a part time job on the weekends, but my husband doesn't think it is worth the time away from the family for minimum wage. Happy you are back at home. What curriculum do you use for homeschooling?

  2. I'm so excited Charisa!! I can honestly say that home is where I belong!! I'm looking forward to homeschooling this year, and hopefully bringing our little girl home!!

  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! How excited I am to find another family adopting from Bulgaria! My HS is just finally complete and we are, God willing, filing our I-800a in the next couple of weeks. :).