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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gotcha! Day one...

We arrived at the orphanage in record time yesterday...could be that our driver was going 90mph..I'm NOT kidding!! We talked to the director a bit, then the psychologist, then we went out to the courtyard where she had already been changed into her "going home" clothes. She didn't seem to remember us, but she went to Daddy which was a huge step...we didn't take any pictures of anyone or the orphanage..yeah, I know..we just wanted to leave quick, because she was starting to SCREAM!!

She screamed for about 10 minutes, until we stopped and got her a sandwich for lunch...then she settled down and slept for a while. She didn't cry in the passport picture this time(had to redo because of the new system)...and she was fine the rest of the day.

Our apt. is near the Center Mall, so we ate supper there(she'll eat anything, YAY!)...I'm bummed because we are really far away from all the "sights"..so much for my plan to sightsee this time around...

Bedtime was HORRIBLE! I tried to lay down with her, and she screamed, so I rocked...that worked for a while(about an HOUR)..but she just wouldn't go to sleep..by this time it was 10:00pm. So, I layed her down again and she screamed for about 5 minutes then she got quiet and flopped for another hour...sucking each and every finger on her hand over and over and over...at 11:00 I just got up and left the room, so I guess she was asleep...but she flopped ALL NIGHT LONG!! Poor thing...probably wishing for her crib..something familiar:(....or maybe it was the pizza;)!

Today has been uneventful..she won't go to Ben at all today, so I'm carrying her around in the sling mostly...I'm tired, she's tired..but she's not screaming:)!

Off to the Dr. appt. now for the embassy...hoping for NO screaming...did I mention her scream could literally peel the paint off a wall!!!!!????? Something like a duck being strangled....no, seriously!

Did I mention she's very sweet, cute, and TINY! Wearing 18 mos. clothes and they're still baggy..size 5 shoe!

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  1. thanks for the update. Poor thing, did they prepare her at all about leaving? I guess I would scream too if some people I met a few times took me away from all I know. Glad she is eating though:) She is very cute:)