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Monday, July 26, 2010

How Long Has it Been??

Sorry, I'm behind as usual, but want to update everyone. Ava is still doing tremendously well! But here are some things I've observed;)....

*Her feet are "smooshed" from wearing shoes that were too small
*She has flat feet
*HATES the car seat(did I mention this already?)
*Is absolutely certain that sprinklers and swimming pools are NOT to play in!
*HATES bath time
*Has a very tiny belly button
*Has a TON of soft hair on her back..some on her legs, arms, and cheeks...
*Likes to play dress-up and "mommy"
*Corrects me when I try to give her the English word for something...She brings me her "obuvka", I say "shoe"...she hesitates and says "obuvka" and walks away!! Sooo funny!
*Makes this whiney noise when she wants something...to which my CHILDREN respond, "Ne Klencha"...NO WHINING...think I've overused that one??
*Is very happy wherever we go(once out of the car)..as long as I'm holding her..
*Is trusting Daddy more..sometimes...when she wants...if I'm not available..
*Sings in Bulgarian..too cute!
*Has learned to say "night-night", "Momma", "banana", "Bella", "Noah", "No", "shoe", "book", and my favorite, "OKAY!"...she yells this one over and over...it's hilarious!
*Is still a pretty picky eater
*LOVES her brothers and sister!
*POOPS 3 times a day!!!(this could make potty training VERY SCARY!)
*Sat on the potty twice..not scared..but no luck
*Is not interested in children's videos(but they're in English, so, duh!)
*Has a very raspy voice...thus the "strangled duck" sound when she cries and screams;)!
*Was not afraid of the animals at the zoo...yeah, we're nuts...but she did GREAT!

Okay, that's all...enjoy the pics:)!


  1. Best update, thanks. Lovely one of all your kids together, 6 WOW.

  2. Love updates!! Sounds like overall, things are going well. You've certainly got a cutie pie on your hands.

  3. she is sooo cute, Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Renae,

    Our entire family thinks your daughters look alike. Has anyone else said this?

    I know in the adoption world, it's sometimes weird to try and find physical features that are "alike" just to prove that we're a family, rather than what really matters-the heart of the family. But, with that said, they do look alike to us.

    Enjoying the updates and photos...

    Peace and Rest to you and your family...


  5. Is she not the most beautiful little thing?! Sooo glad I visited to see Miss Ava looking so totally awesome and cute!