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Sunday, August 29, 2010

What's The Scoop?

Okay, I'm sure you're all wondering what's going on with us;)! So here goes!

Doctor visit went well, but we are having a full bloodwork done, just in case..as well as a...well..."poop" screening too. She is constantly having this NASTY poopy, yucky stuff...so I want to be sure there's not some underlying issue there. We expected her to be a little "off" when we got home, but it's been 7 weeks, so just wondering.

I do question some other things..such as, when I speak to her, she repeats what I say(whether in Bulgarian or English), and doesn't really answer my questions..just repeats what I say. I seriously wonder if she knows any more Bulgarian than she does English at this point, other than the basic words. She still gets the boys names confused..maybe that's to be expected. There are times when I see a typical three year old, but mostly I wonder if she is beyond about an 18 month level...especially in the areas of language, etc. It does make communication VERY difficult, as well as setting any expectations of her. Maybe others can shed some light on the whole repeating issue.

She is still doing VERY well in every other area! She is going to Daddy most times he asks while we are at home, but when out and about she prefers me. In fact, when he comes home from work, she runs screaming for him along with the other kids:)! Very cute! She is also singing a Bulgarian/English version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star..very cute as well!

She's still terrified of the mower, the hair dryer, the vacuum...but the car is much better. This is all too funny since we took her to the fair(ours is pretty big), and all the noises there didn't bother her at all!!

Umm, what else...fine motor skills are pretty good. She can cut, scribbles some, and with BOTH hands! We have no idea if she is left or right-handed at this point.
She continues to play well with the other kids, and is giving us lots of kisses and hugs, so she is certainly attaching well!:)

She is eating a little more variety..but loves any kind of potato! I'm sure this was a staple in Bulgaria, so this is not surprising. LOVES french fries!

Okay, I'm finished boring you! I'm looking forward to seeing more kiddos being referred from Bulgaria SOON! HOPEFULLY!:)

Now to the pics!


  1. Renae,
    Lots of cuteness in that little girl :) Glad to hear things are going well.

  2. She looks like your biological child. Very cute, Thanks for sharing. I have heard parasites can cause yucky poop! Maybe that is what she has, which is easily taken care of. hugs

  3. I doubt this applies and Ava just has her own special way of acquiring language, but make sure her repeating is not echolalia as this usually is associated with conditions such as autism, Tourette's Syndrome, and other disorders.

  4. I agree with Celeste, she DOES look just like she was "home-grown"!:-)

    When I used to teach English as a Second Language to children, I was amazed at how differently they each acquired the language.If you kind of take a step back to your babies as they each learned to speak, there was always a phase of repeating sounds or words. Sometimes it was the simple goo-goos or gaa-gaas, but they were working on experimenting with the sounds they hear. I think maybe her comfort level might just be that repetition right now. I noticed with Selah that she was an excellent copier of everything! I noticed with her teachers/caregivers that their style was "I do it, now you copy it". Depending on how much that was reinforced at Ava's orphanage, could give you some insight as to why she might have this mimicking thing going on. I'll be praying for her speech skills to quickly excel! Sending lots of love your way!!! Feel free to email me if you want any ESL tips :-)

  5. The pics are precious!

    Delighted to meet you today. I hope you don't mind if I splash around to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing spot to slip off my shoes and dip my toes.