We are so excited to share our Ethiopian adoption adventure, and our CRAZY lives with all of you! Our hope is that it will encourage you to step out in faith to do what God has called you to do! There are FIELDS of fatherless children waiting for someone to care for them, to love them, to tell them of JESUS' love for them...will YOU be the one??

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Update On Ava

Ava has been home almost 7 months now!!! She is doing very well for the most part.
She is still attaching well, playing well, and fits in perfectly in our family.

Although....I still have some concerns...she has only gained, maybe, two pounds since she's been here and none in height. I know she gained at least 3 lbs, and 3 inches between our visits in Bulgaria, so I'm hoping this is just a lull of sorts. Still wearing 24 mos. clothes and size 6 shoe(and it's a little big)...so stinkin' tiny!!

Her language HAS gotten better, but she continues to speak in third person(i.e., "Ava eat", "Ava drink", etc.). We're really trying to address this, but it's very difficult for her to pronounce certain sounds. Like, short a....she has a very thick accent...which is funny, because we never even heard her say three words the whole time we were visiting last year;).

She follows directions well, if they're short.... Too many words confuses, as you can imagine. She WILL NOT/CANNOT tell me when she has to go to the bathroom....she just waits for me to take her. When I ask her at dinner if she is "all done"(I know, bad grammar, but...), she hands me the plate and shakes her head and says, "No all done"....okay, what's up with THAT!!!

She is the SLOOOOOWWWWEEEESSST eater in the WORLD!!!!(okay, maybe a little over-dramatization there...but not much;)). This drove me bonkers as I spent most of the meal saying "Eat Ava"...now I just take it away, without say much, when the other kids are finished...which honestly, I think she is happy about because she doesn't have to eat any more:), but it's just not a battle I want to fight any more. I mean seriously, this girl could put away the food this time last year!!!! I'm sure it's all still new...after 6 months??????????

She has started some "nonsense chatter" which is a sign of poor attachment, so we're also nipping that in the bud as well.

She loves to read books, and sing songs and play with "doh". Her play is still a little immature for her age, I think. She IS learning to do puzzles...but colors are eluding her...she just doesn't get it... She basically wants to be wherever we are, doing whatever we're doing etc....:)

She wants desperately to have a "conversation", so her newest thing is to walk in the room and say "Wheresa__________", even if said person/thing is right beside her. I still wonder if she has some sort of short term memory issue....;)

We're also working on NOT sucking her thumb....which is going pretty well. She wants to please us, so she's trying to not suck it....and if she's busy, she doesn't need it anyway:)!

She is also learning to "pray"...it is so cute!

As for me.....I refuse to be a hypocrite here...it's still tough....better, but still with some ugly days.....

It's just reeeeeaaallly hard adopting a toddler that you have NO baby history with....apparently I needed that....BUT, we keep moving forward....praying and waiting for that day, when I can look back and say, "Wow, look how far we've come "!:)

Does this scare me as we are moving toward another adoption? YEP!!!! I tremble with fear! A LOT!!! I just have to believe(SOMEHOW!) that God's got this! That he'll bring us to the other side, unscathed and stronger for having been down this road. That HIS Spirit in me is ABLE to do what I cannot seem to do on my own!!


  1. Thanks for being real about what is going on :) Maybe give her ensure to drink, or pedisure. That has lots of fat and calories for her. What about tantrums and behavioral issues? What do you mean by nonsense chatter a sign of not attatching? I haven't heard that before.Once we got our official referral I thought i was going to have a panic attack :) It is finally real and all the books we have read are now coming back to mind. Scary. But excited. Don't know how people can do this without faith. hugs

  2. Renae,

    Not that Elina had this issue... but I have heard that often kids from EE have giardia (sp?) and have a hard time with digestion... my friend had problems with her little girl... Elina seemed to really shoot up in height in months 7,8 and 9... but she did thicken up just before then... she actually grew out of her legs after only having them 6 months! So anyways, check with your Ped about Giardia if they haven't checked her for it yet... it is a stomach parasite that is ingested thru poor water in EE.

  3. Renae,
    I got a tiny stinkin tiny girl also!!! Thanks for the update, it is soooooo great. I love that you admit and are brave enough to share that all days are not sunshine and roses. I too would be interested to know what "nonsense chatter" is. You are a strong woman!!!

  4. Hang in there! God knows you were the best Mommy out there for her! (((HUG)))