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Monday, February 28, 2011

More things that make me go hmmmm....

I have to say, after watching other families bring home their children, and describe their children's behavior....I'm very confused about our daughter...and disturbed.

I've mentioned before about how "good" she is....but honestly, it's a little disturbing.

So today, I heard her call herself "Ava" for the upteenth time....and it just hit me...is this more than a language issue? Does she even know who she is? Really? She always does exactly what I say....she NEVER throws a fit....she doesn't hit, bite, scream, or act aggressive....okay, this is probably a GOOD thing, but...

She sits on the potty as long as I'll leave her there without even asking to get up, or telling me she's "done". And honestly, there have been a couple of times I forgot to go get her...and there she sat...just waiting...

She doesn't fight me when I take her food away when lunch is over...she just accepts it...I could tell her "No lunch today Ava", and I think she would just accept it and go on with her day.

I can say my other kiddos came out KNOWING exactly who they were and what they wanted, and they wanted it NOOOOWWWW! She just waits for me to tell her what to do, or not to do....

Yes, she plays well with the other kids...but she also can be found just wandering with a toy cup in her hand...not really playing at all.

I've always wondered if she was coddled a lot at the orphanage, because she demanded her way....but she is NOT a demanding child...AT.ALL!

Some days I WANT her to demand SOMETHING...ANYTHING!! I want her to assert herself a little bit.... I want to see the real Ava!!! She is so conditioned to follow an adult..she really doesn't know how to express what SHE wants or needs..she's like a puppet in many ways....sad:(.

I have no idea what all this means, other than I have a child who lived in an orphanage for 3 years...but I can't wait to see MORE of the "real" Ava:)! I can't wait to hear her say, "Aw Mom! I don't WANT to stop playing!", "I'm NOT finished with my food yet!", I want to see who God created her to be....and not what an orphanage conditioned her to be...I'm really done with that!

Blabbering over:)!

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