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Friday, February 11, 2011

Where's Caleb?!?!?!?!?

This is Caleb....

And at the urging of a fellow blog buddy, I'm going to start sharing more of the day to day life of a "large" family...the good, the bad, and the ugly!!

Let's start with the "ugly"(no...seriously....it was REALLY UGLY!!!)

It all started with Caleb, my 3 1/2 year-old son. You see, since the day he learned to walk(at 10 MONTHS), I spend most of my days asking, "Where's Caleb?"....because he is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS into SOMETHING!!! I'm almost positive he has a "play disorder" of some type....because he would rather..AHEM..."explore" than play any day!

Which leads me to yesterday....when my oldest son RAN into the room yelling "the dog pooped in the cat's litter box!! It's, like, HUMONGOUS, it's, like, as big as AVA!!!"

So, thinking that of course he must be over-exaggerating, I went to the utility room, and what greeted me there....OH.MY.WORD!! THAT was NOT dog poop...that was NOT cat poop....we all looked at each other and in unison said, "CALEB"!!!!!!!

I immediately grabbed Caleb and demanded to know if he in fact, had done this horrible thing...to which he said, "No Mom, it was LUKE!!" Okay, seriously....why do I even bother asking...like he's really going to admit, right?!?!?

So, for the next 5 minutes I scooped my son's poop out of the litter box, cleaned the pair of jeans he had apparently used to wipe his behind with, disciplined my wayward son, and once again wondered, "WHY"? WHY, does he do these things? What even crosses his MIND? YES, he's potty-trained....NO, there was no one else in the bathroom inhibiting his going number two in the correct spot...!!!!

Then I just give up wondering....siiiiigggghhh!!!

And did I mention how much I LOVE this child....I really believe God gave me extra love for Caleb, to get me through days like this:)!! LOVE HIM!!!

And, at least he "hit" the litter box!!!:) And can you imagine the leg strength it took to NOT fall back in it...cause he was apparently standing on the OUTSIDE of the litter box?? Soooo, we've got good aim, and strong legs....great skills/attributes....WRONG use of them!


  1. Every time I ask him if he did whatever I am assuming he did wrong, he always says, "Luke did it". So funny. I guess he figures he can pin it on that brother easier than the others...

  2. OMG.... I am laughing out loud, because I KNOW if I had a cat litter box my Connor would have done the same thing at some point! LOL

  3. LOL....made me think of my friend's little boy who decided to smear his poop all over the wood floor in his bedroom during his nap time and then sit butt naked in his older brother's bed (they share the same room). Needless to say it was quite the mess and my friend and I were laughing instead of crying when we saw it. Older brother was VERY upset about his bed too.