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Saturday, August 4, 2012

COURT DATE!!! AUGUST 14TH!!!!!!!!!

We have a COURT DATE!!  YIPPPPPEEEEE!  God heard our prayers and POURED His grace on us yet again!  Thank you JESUS!

So, here's how this goes down.  There's a hearing on August 7th, which is when the orphanage, West Sands, and the police department who found our little girl will submit their paperwork, etc.  IF the police report and any efforts made to find the birth mother are NOT there, then OUR court hearing on the 14th(which is the one we WILL attend) will only be to give our consent for the adoption.  It will not be FINAL until that police report is there.  There are times they've had to wait on this, so we're asking for prayers that all paperwork is there and accounted for on the 7th!!  Our in-country director will still be able to continue processing our paperwork etc., but we NEED that paperwork before she is officially ours and we can be submitted to the US Embassy.

PLEASE pray this is all in order....we want nothing but an HONEST adoption of a truly orphaned child, and our agency has an excellent reputation so we trust them implicitly, but this is all scary! 

Now, here at home....ummmm....STRESSSSSS!!;)  I spent FOREVER trying to book tickets online yesterday..and after FOUR attempts to purchase tickets that were apparently "sold out"(UGGGGGHHH!), we hit the jackpot:)!  Okay, they were still $2000 EACH, but the flights are pretty "easy", ONE-STOP flights, so I'm happy with them.  Oh, except that we're flying United for a couple, and after our last experience, I'm pretty sure the planes are manned by a couple of intoxicated, twelve year-olds!!;)  So, needless to say, I'm a little nervous about those:).

We have a place for each of our kids, except our little Caleb:(...BUT, I'm thinking we're going to send him to preschool during the day, and then Grandma can watch him at night.  That will be a new experience for him, but one that will keep him busy and entertained during the day, which he DEFINITELY will need!;)  He can be a "stinker";)  LOVE HIM!  Although, that will add some expense, I think it will be best.  You can pray about that too...that we'll find a good fit for him.

So, we're leaving in 5 DAYS..did I mention that?!  This week will be spent getting malaria meds, purchasing snacks and extras for the trip, washing clothes, packing, getting funds in order, etc., etc., etc.,

So, here's the prayer list:

1.)  That peace would reign in our hearts as we go through this very hectic five days before travel.
2.)  That we find a good place for Caleb.(Cause this Momma's heart can't handle leaving a scared and fearful child!)
3.)  That our kids will not be nervous or afraid, but will be excited and ready when it's time to leave.
4.)  For the court hearing to go PERFECTLY this week!
5.)  For our little Ethiopian love's health and well-being.
6.)  For good health for all of us while we're separated.
7.)  For peace in MY heart, cause I HATE HATE HATE leaving my kiddos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8.)  For the flights...hate to fly...'nuff said.

I'm sure I'll have more updates this week, so THANK YOU for taking the time to pray and love on our family this way!:)

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  1. I know we haven't met in person but Caleb can come here and hang out with Connor... How long are you in Ethiopia? They are thinking my Russia court date is going to be the 28th of August. I don't really have much going on the week of the 14th... as long as you don't mind him staying with my in-home babysitter during the day while I am at work. ;)

    let me know...