We are so excited to share our Ethiopian adoption adventure, and our CRAZY lives with all of you! Our hope is that it will encourage you to step out in faith to do what God has called you to do! There are FIELDS of fatherless children waiting for someone to care for them, to love them, to tell them of JESUS' love for them...will YOU be the one??

Friday, April 30, 2010


Okay, I need to have a "do-over" here...my recent posts have been very negative and depressing, so here goes..!!

YAY!! We have a court date! WOO-HOO! It wasn't when we had hoped, but God knows what He's doing and we're jumping through whatever hoop this judge puts in front of us, so that we can finally, officially, be Ava's Mommy and Daddy!!

We have all "do-over's" in our paperwork done TODAY, so we will head to Columbus, AGAIN:), on Monday for those wonderful shiny gold stickers that I really think I pronounce incorrectly, but whatever!!! YAAAAYYYY again!!!!! And I'm really going to stop saying, "This is the last trip to Columbus, I promise!" to my kids...because apparently I'm not in control of this adoption at ALL...who knew!!:)

Let's see, what else??? Did I mention I have to return a huge bag of spring baby clothes, and exchange them for summer ones?? Okay, that might be fun...:)

Prayer requests on my heart today...

1. For a smooth trip to Columbus and a happy landing of our paperwork, via FedEx, in Oregon and Bulgaria.

2. For my spiritual life..quiet time with the Lord is a choice and sometimes I don't choose wisely...sitting quietly with Jesus is difficult for us "Martha" types(did I mention I have 5 children under 10...and I homeschool...and)...Also, for peace and faith to travel the remainder of this adoption road with all it's unknowns!

3. For the judge's heart...that we would find favor with him, and if possible that he would move up our court date a little:)...he gave us "extra" time to get the requested paperwork together, but since we don't need it...we're praying he'll move it up!

4. For our sweet Bulgarian princess...that she is healthy, safe, loved, and disciplined too...that she will somehow remember us, and not be afraid to leave the orphanage with us. We know she HATES cars AND leaving the orphanage, so we really need prayers for Jesus to comfort her heart as we put her in a car for 4 hours, and then a plane for 10..YIKES! I'm pulling out all the tricks to make sure she's happy on the trips...starting with candy! Hey, don't judge me;)!

5. For finances...flying in June or July will cost about $2000 more than it did in January, so this is a biggy! We're debating me going alone if we can't come up with all of it....YIKES again!

6. For my bloggy friend Kelly, who I'm almost sure Jesus put in my path for more reasons than just this adoption;), that she'll get a court date soon!

7. And for sweet Chrissie Patterson..her story is amazing, and I've never seen God move in such amazing ways as I have this past week!!! Yay GOD!!!! Click the button in the top left corner to pray for her...you will be blessed beyond measure:)!


  1. Yes Viviane, we live in Lima!

  2. Thank you Renae! If we get it timed right, you can fly with me! :)

    It is pronounced Ap Oh Still "Apostille" . :)

    I am doing well, but if a court date doesn't come next week or very early the week after ... I may not be doing so well!

    We WILL get there! I never thought I would be jealous of your May 28th court date! ;)

    Hang in there my friend!

  3. Renae, we're in Cincinnati, so that's only a two hour drive. We also head past Lima a few times each year to visit family near Toledo, so when all of our kids are home, we should meet for dinner sometime :-).