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Monday, April 19, 2010

WARNING!!! Whining Ahead!!

I'm going to whine...so if you don't want to hear it, you might want to check out someone else's blog right now.

We got word today that our paperwork is STILL with the MOJ(6 weeks later)..has not been signed...and NOT in court....we don't know why. There have been no requests for more paperwork, etc..and we are very discouraged. We were told that the MOJ has 40 days to look over our dossier and sign it before turning it over to the courts(this is not what other families are experiencing that we know of). We are being told it may be mid-May before court...that puts travel at the end of June..6-8 weeks later than expected...5- 5 1/2 month process total since first trip..

I'm crying out to God for mercy right now...it doesn't seem like such a big deal, but when others at this stage are moving right along, it is devastating!!

Ava has a birthday at the end of June, and I'm heartbroken that she may spend yet another one in the orphanage. I fear she will forget us...that it's going to be harder to adjust for her...

I really need the Lord to increase my faith right now...cause I'm running low:(

WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?(insert foot stomping here:))

It seems that every time we move forward a little, we get shoved back again...

Lord, give me peace right now, when I just want to rage against the world!!!!


  1. Renae, I am so sorry to hear this! I have been waiting to hear good news from you. I know the hardest part is not understanding why things are being held up. Hoping and praying that everything is signed very soon!!

    If it helps know that I am stomping my feet with you!

  2. Dear Renae~I totally understand that waiting for your child can be the hardest kind of waiting. I tried to turn my focus from waiting on the people in the adoption and turn my focus to waiting on the Lord. And, I tried to ask, "Who Lord? Who are You? I would ask Him to reveal more of Himself. I find that the Lord rarely, if ever, has told me the "whys" behind things, probably because my finite mind cannot understand, but He always reveals more of who He is in various circumstances. Remember, there's nothing going on that hasn't been through the Lord's filter, and He's allowed it. We may not know why, it may be extremely painful, but we can rest knowing He is all-powerful. In waiting, I tried to remember that adoption is the Lord's plan, not mine. The Lord knew our children long before He revealed He would place them in our families. I will be praying for peace and endurance for you. Hold on. She's coming home


  3. Totally understand your frustration, what I am learning in the book of James is that we will experience trials and tribulations and this makes us more like Christ, who we are to be. He is refining us and uses these times to draw us closer to Him and rely on Him. Hugs, adoption is not for the faint hearted. She will be home soon and Satan will not win.

  4. Oh Renae, I'm so sorry! I'm a few days behind on blog reading and I clicked on your blog hopeful to see news of a court date. I completely understand the foot stomping and frustration....you are amongst friends in that department! I really don't understand why your paperwork wasn't signed already. You are right that it doesn't go with the "trend" of what the MOJ does :( I'm saying a prayer right now that you get those signatures and move on to court!!! Praying that your precious Ava does NOT spend another birthday seperated from her mommy! You still have time...you just need paper work to move at lightening speed!